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Learn about heat pumpLearn about a heat pump, it is an electrical device that can extract heat from one place and transfer it to another. Air conditioners and refrigerators are  examples of types of heat pumps. It is not a new technology; they have been used  in the United States for heating and cooling and all around the world for  decades now.

Heat pumps weather air source heat pump or ground source heat pump are able to transfer heat by a process that involves circulating a  refrigerant substance through a cycle that includes alternating evaporation  followed by condensation. The refrigerant is pumped between two exchanger coils  by a compressor. In the first coil, refrigerant is evaporated at a low pressure  and is able to absorb heat from the surroundings. The refrigerant substance is  then compressed while on its way to the second coil, where it is condensed at a  high pressure. This is when the mechanism releases the warmth it had absorbed  earlier in the cycle.




What You Should Know About Service and Buying a Heat Pump

Year round Climate control, the cycle is also fully reversible. In effect, heat pumps can provide a means  of year-round climate control for your home. They help to provide warmth in  winter and they cool and dehumidify in the summer. Since the air and the ground  outdoors outside retain some warmth, a heat pump is able to supply heating to  homes even on those cold winter days. Air tends to retain warmth even at cooler temperatures, which can be extracted by the pump.

An air-source heat pump is the most common type in use today. It can absorb  warmth from outdoor air in winter as well as release in-house warm air out into  the outdoor air in summer. Ground-source pumps are also available (they are  sometimes called earth-energy systems.) Ground-source models can draw warmth  from the ground or from ground water and use it to heat the home. Ground-source  pumps are favored by some hvac contractors, home builders and owners.

Energy Savings

These systems are excellent warming and cooling systems, and they are very  efficient. They can help to significantly reduce energy usage and costs.  However, no matter how efficient the pump might be, warmth in the home can still  be lost through poorly insulated walls, ceilings, doors and windows. There can  also be air leakage through cracks, holes or other breaches around the home. It  makes sense to be sure a house is energy-efficient in these areas in addition to  upgrading a heating system or pump. Take the necessary steps to upgrade thermal  insulation levels and reduce air leakage as is appropriate.

Heat pumps are excellent for supplying warmth to a house in winter and  helping to keep it cool in summer. However, they do require electricity usage to  operate. Be aware that if you add a pump to your system or convert your home  from another fuel type to a heat pump, and your previous system did not  implement central air conditioning, you might find that your electric bills will  be higher. However, overall a this type of pump is a highly efficient and  effective way to heat and cool your home.

Heat Pump Reviews

First off, one should be aware of what your requirements are and what type of system is most preferable for your use. Sometimes, heat pumps are bought as replacements for the present heating and cooling systems. Inquire about how air heating and geothermal heating work in solving potential problems or meeting certain needs.
The most attractive feature of heat pumps is that there is just one system to purchase, install and maintain which can function both as a heating system and as an air conditioning system. No matter if you live in PA or CA Granada Hills  Heat pumps and its installation are generally expensive but will pay off in the long run with substantial energy savings.

The heat pump reviews serve as a guide for those who are looking for a good buy. Most manufacturers have their own websites which provide useful information about their products but they do not provide information on the competition so it would be difficult to compare. Since they are on the lookout for customers to sell their product to, the information that they provide would be those that are most beneficial and convincing enough to entice the customers to buy.

What To Look For In Heat Pump Reviews

Some of the unbiased heat pump reviews are those that are prepared by non-profit or government agencies. A comprehensive review is available on the website of the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy which contains a comparison of various pumps in tabulated form for easy evaluation and comparison. Blogs and forums are also reliable online sources that feature Elite HVAC Contractors heat pump reviews.

The most useful reviews should include heating and cooling capacity which is measurable in tons, manufacturer, condenser model, SEER range which is used to measure its cooling ability (minimum of 13.0) and HSPF range which is used to measure heating ability (minimum of 7.7). They should ideally be unbiased, complete, up to date and reliable and contain the manufacturer names, addresses, websites and phone numbers for additional information that will assist in determining what type and brand would be most suitable for the needs.

Ductless Heat Pump

There is a range of heat pumps available for you to pick from to install in your home. A ductless heat pump is a great selection. Here below is why: No Duct System Required, A ductless heat pump does not have a duct system on it. The ductless heat pump works by delivering air from the indoor parts of its body. The indoor parts transport air to areas that were cold.

Why Are Ductless Heat Pumps Efficient?

Ductless heat pumps are efficient because they combine room air conditioning functions with cooling systems to improve heating and cooling of the home overall. What To Be Careful Of During Installation When installing a ductless heat pump, make sure you do your best to prevent refrigeration leaks and make sure the system is set for proper operating pressures. Ductless heat pumps are easy to operate. The reason they are easy to operate is based on the structure. For example, the wiring for its power and controls are easy to operate because the outdoor components of the unit, such as the ductless and refrigerant lines, go up higher than where the indoor units have been installed.

Getting a heat pump for your home or business is probably one of the best investments you can make; most especially considering the extreme and fast-changing weather conditions and the new warmer air discharge out of a heat pump today. Instead of spending separately on an air conditioning unit and a furnace, you can just buy a heat pump.Heat pumps function both as a heating and a cooling unit, so you can use it for both warm and cold weather as any heat pump contractor knows.  If you are not yet decided on purchasing one such equipment right now, here are some of the many benefits offered by these. Basically, they all boil down convenience, efficiency and economy.

Benefits of buying a Heat Pump

For one, they are very economical. Since you will not be using a separate heating and cooling unit, you will half your supposed electricity consumption; thereby significantly reducing your electric bills.They are also good for the environment. Unlike furnaces, they do not emit carbon dioxide. It also conserves energy because it does not burn fuel. Instead, it gets warm or cool air from your immediate surroundings and just “pumps” it in your home.

Another benefit you can get from pumps is efficiency. You can program them according to your needs. For instance, you can set up which areas of you house you would want to cool or heat. Thus, those areas which you do not frequently visit will not be unnecessarily cooled or heated; thereby reducing the use of electricity. These equipment also function to normalize the humidity level in your home. So you can reduce that sticky feeling in the air. Thus, you will experience greater convenience. It would also require less maintenance. You just have to make sure that you have it properly installed and you also use it appropriately. It can also last very long if you are able to get high-quality models and brands.

Picking The Right Heat Pump For You.

These equipment also come in different models and brands. You have a wide array of choices to choose from. There are a number of models of Edmonton heat pumps which will suit your preferences and heating and cooling needs. You may also find cheap models to suit your budget. However, cutting back on your budget does not necessarily mean that you will get substandard products. You just have to choose the right brand and model. Get your free estimate now from local Elite HVAC Contractors

Heat Pumps aren’t a new technology. In fact, Heat Pumps have been around for many years. What has brought them back into the spot light is the increasing awareness of the way our lives have an impact on the environment and the ways we can change our homes to reduce this impact. Heat Pumps offer today’s home and business owners a sustainable alternative to gas, oil and electric heating; all of which use non-renewable fossil fuels to generate heat for the home. Heat Pumps instead use the natural heat which exists within the atmosphere and ground. As a result we can now heat our home and water supply from a completely self-sufficient and an in-exhaustible supply of fuel!

What Types of Heat Pump?

The three main types of  Heat Pump are:

  • Air Source Heat Pumps
  • Ground Source Heat Pumps
  • Geothermal Heat Pumps

Let’s take a look at each different type of heat pump

Air Source Heat Pumps

The Air Source Heat Pump is possibly the hardest of the three to understand. Basically, it steals heat from the air! That’s it! In the opposite way to how a refrigerator steals heat from the interior of the fridge and expels it out of the back; an Air Source Heat Pump steals latent heat from the air outside your home, compresses it and transfers that heat to your water and central heating supply.

One question that I can hear everyone asking is “but what happens when its cold outside”,  which is the time when you really need a Heat Pump to work. We need to think about the way particles behave. At Absolute Zero (-273.15°C or 0 Kelvin) a particle is perfectly still but when we start to increase the temperature the particle starts to vibrate. As we increase the temperature further the particle vibrates more and more. This vibration is energy and it’s this energy that can be used to create heat for your home. In fact, high quality St. Tammany Parish Air Source Heat Pumps can extract perfectly usable heat from temperatures as low as -22°C.

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Boiling away under our feet is a furnace of molten rock so vast it is hard for our minds to comprehend! It is an almost infinite supply of energy and it is what our very existence depends on. Within this molten rock there is a huge amount of un-tapped heat energy and this is projected up through the Earth and into the ground we walk upon.

As the name suggests, Ground Source Heat Pump uses coiled tubing, laid deep in the ground to extract the natural heat energy from the Earth. This heat is then compressed and transferred into the home as a usable form of heat for your central heating and water supply.

Geothermal Heat Pumps

A Geothermal Heat Pumps works in a similar way to a Ground Source Heat Pump; in that it extracts heat energy from the ground. But instead of burying a closed loop of piping within the ground Geothermal Heat Pumps make use of very deep bore holes which drill straight down into the Earth. Pipe systems can then be buried as near to the hotter depths as possible and in exactly the same way.

The three varieties of Heat Pump are right for different situations and scenarios. But one fact rings true for all three… Once you have paid for the Heat Pump you will have an in-exhaustible supply of heat for your home for many, many, many years to come!

How Geothermal Heat Pumps Saves You Money.

If you’re looking for the most environmentally friendly way to heat and cool your home,  geothermal heat pumps are the best choice. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, they are the most energy efficient, clean and cost effective systems you can use.

How do they work?

Much like your air conditioner, a Nassau County geothermal system uses a heat pump to forcefully transfer heat. They can be used to both heat and cool your home. They do this using refrigerant, which pumps through a vapor compression refrigeration cycle to move heat around. Basically, they exchange heat with the ground, either driving hot air into the ground during the warmer months and taking it from the ground during the cooler months.


Geothermal heat pumps are 50-70% more efficient than conventional heating systems, and 20-40% more efficient than conventional air conditioning systems. This results in significant cost savings to you.

Cost benefits

It costs more at the outset to set up a geothermal heat pump system, and this can turn many people off. However, the long term savings make these systems more than worth their investment. Most people will recover their initial costs within 3-10 years. The system will last on average 25 years for the indoor components, and over 50 years for the underground pipes.

Environmental benefits

Geothermal heat pumps produce far less greenhouse gases than electric heaters, air conditioners and oil furnaces. In fact, the only emissions produced by these systems are from their electricity supply. In general, they save about 5 tons of carbon emissions each year. Also, because they use renewable energy from the sun and does not rely on outdoor air, your indoor air quality will improve…free of pollutants, mold, pollens and other allergens.

Water heating

One system can heat and cool your home, as well as heat your water. These systems use a ‘de-super heater’ to turn waste heat into a heat supply for your water. When you cool your home in the summer months, your water will be heated as a byproduct of the process. In the winter, you use the heating mode on your thermostat to heat your water. Not all systems come with this option, and you can also choose to install a separate, stand-alone water heating system to heat water all year round.

If you want to heat and cool your home efficiently and eco-friendly and also experience great cost savings,  geothermal heat pumps are a great choice!

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