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Find the right heating contractors near you simply click here. For heating installation, service and repair, look for a heating contractor that handles your particular heating needs. So whether you’re in need of a residential home heating specialist or a commercial heating contractor for new heating system installations, you’re bound to find the right heating HVAC Contractors for the job. Property managers and business owners, locate a heating contractor that has the experience working on larger or more specialized heating services. Need radiant heating installed? Is your boiler or furnace in need of service or repair? We have contractors  for all types of heating and HVAC services.

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Below are types of heating systems Elite HVAC Contractors can help you with day or night.


Radiant Heating Systems

Radiant or hydronic floor heat (hot water run through tubing within the floor) has become an increasingly popular form of heat in recent years, and why shouldn’t it be?

  • Traditionally cold surfaces, such as tile or concrete floors, are warm to your feet!
  • In-floor heating provides constant, even heat from just below your finished floor’s surface.
  • Hydronic heat systems are flexible and can be used in most new construction and remodel applications, even outdoors (patios, dog runs, potentially icy driveways).
  • Hydronic systems circulate warm water through in-floor tubing, and there’s nothing about that to harm the environment!
  • In-floor heating is economical and efficient.


Heat Pump Heating Systems

Simply put, a heat pump is an electrical device that can extract heat from  one place and transfer it to another. Air conditioners and refrigerators are  examples of types of heat pumps. It is not a new technology; they have been used  in the United States for heating and cooling and all around the world for  decades now.


Hot Air Heating Systems

Powered by a forced air furnace, which can be powered by electricity, oil or natural gas. The heated air is then blown through the ventilation system where it is distributed to various areas through the air duct network. This system involves no heating of water, but a direct heating of air before it is circulated to the rest of the home.


Hot Water Heating Systems

Powered by a water boiler, which can be run by electricity, oil or natural gas. The heated water is then circulated through the baseboard or radiator system where it is distributed to various areas through the piping network. This system involves no heating of air, but a exchanger heating of water before it is circulated to the rest of the home.


Geothermal Heating Systems

Geothermal heating systems use the earth as a heat source and heat sink. A series of pipes, commonly called a “loop,” connect the geothermal system’s heat pump to the earth. There are two basic types of loops: closed and open.

Below is a breakdown of the different types of geothermal systems:

  • Open Loop Systems
    The simplest of geothermal heating systems, open loop systems have been used successfully for decades. Ground water is drawn from an aquifer through one well, passes through the heat pump’s heat exchanger, and is discharged to the same aquifer through a second well at a distance from the first. Generally, two to three gallons per minute per ton of capacity are necessary for effective heat exchange.
  • Since the temperature of ground water is nearly constant throughout the year, open loops are a popular option in areas where they are permitted.
  • Closed Loop Systems
    Closed loop systems have become the most common of geothermal heating. When properly installed, a closed loop system is economical, efficient, and reliable.
  • Water (or a water and antifreeze solution) is circulated through a continuous buried pipe. The length of loop piping varies depending on ground temperature, thermal conductivity of the ground, soil moisture, and system design. Some heat pumps work well with larger inlet temperature variations, which allows marginally smaller loops.
  • Horizontal Closed Loop
    Generally the most cost-effective for small installations, horizontal closed loop works best particularly in new construction where sufficient land area is available.
  • This type of geothermal heat installation involves burying pipe in trenches dug with backhoes or chain trenchers. Up to six pipes, usually in parallel connections, are buried in each trench, with minimum separations of a foot between pipes and ten to fifteen feet between trenches.
  • Vertical Closed Loops
    Vertical closed loops are the preferred geothermal heat system for many situations. Vertical loops are used when the soil is too shallow for trenching and to minimize the disturbance to existing landscaping.
  • For vertical closed loop systems, a U-tube (and, rarely, two U-tubes) is installed in a well drilled 100 to 400 feet deep. Because conditions in the ground may vary greatly, loop lengths can range from 130 to 300 feet per ton of heat exchange. Multiple drill holes are required for most installations, where the pipes are generally joined in parallel or series-parallelconfigurations.
  • Slinky loops
    Increasingly, slinky loops–or overlapping coils of polyethylene pipe–are used to increase the heat exchange per foot of trench. But this does require more pipe per ton of capacity. The trench length decreases as the number of pipes in the trench increases, or as Slinky coil overlap increases.
  • Pond Closed Loops
    A pond closed loop is a special kind of closed loop system. Where there is a pond or stream that is deep enough and with enough flow, closed loop coils can be placed on the pond bottom. Fluid is pumped in the same manner as a conventional closed loop ground system where conditions are suitable. The economics of this geothermal heat method are very attractive, and no aquatic system impacts have been shown.

Choosing Heating Contractors

Choosing a good heating contractor to install a new heat pump, hot air system, geothermal, furnace or boiler can be as important as the equipment you choose, because proper installation and maintenance is needed for the equipment to operate safely, reliably, and at maximum efficiency. Learn more how to choose a heating contractor.

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