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HomeWhat ductwork is in my home and where is it located ?

Duct work is the means through which the air flow travels in your home. You will find it usually in the attic or basement as the starting point connecting your equipment to your registers. There are a variety of materials that duct work can be built from, depending on your home’s set-up and the area where you live.

Do I have any problems with my ductwork?

Nationally more than 63% of homes have some type of ductwork issue reducing efficiency.



Ductwork Types

DuctworkRectangular Duct

Is constructed from galvanized metal which is most often used to run ductwork between floor joists or rafters. Sheet Metal Ductwork is most often found as a branching addition attached to larger rectangular ductwork.




Flexible DuctworkFlexible Duct

Is the most common type of ductwork used in existing buildings because it is adaptable and will bend or angle in practically any direction. It is made of an accordion-type plastic that is enclosed within insulation.




Ductwork-Flexible-InsulatedFlexible Ductwork- Insulated or Non Insulated

Comes insulated or non-insulated. If you have it installed in a non-conditioned space you would want it insulated. You can get it in different “R Values” The higher the rating the more insulation and less loss.





Ductwork-Duct-BoardDuct Board

Is most popular for creating rectangular shaped ductwork. It is commonly used as applications between floor joists as well as along a ceiling that already exists. You know if you have this type of duct because it is much softer than metal or metal with exterior insulation. Today this is rarely used because of health concerns with fiberglass getting into your lungs.



Duct Work Problems



Did you know:

If you have a 15% return air leak in the duct work in a unconditioned area like your attic or crawl space can easily reduce efficiency up to 46%!


What You Should Know:

Where are my ducts located?  _____________________________________

What type of duct work is used in your home?_________________________

What condition is my ductwork in and do I have any leaks? _______________


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