Satisfaction Guarantee is Not a Guarantee

Guaranteed Heating and Air HVAC companies use the term “Satisfaction Guaranteed” and it is used so often it can mean just about anything!  EXTREME CAUTION NEEDED… Companies can  offer you a “Satisfaction Guarantee,” but when problems arise after the work is done, you get 3 completely different responses.  Read more and compare Company A, B, and C. You want to realize the differences and make sure you have a good contractor like the example Company C.


Company A

Guarantees your satisfaction, so they come back to your house to try to fix the problem and then charge you for upgrades or other repairs.

Translation—They guarantee they’ll keep coming back until you get sick of calling them.

Company B

When you call the company tells you to contact the manufacturer.

Translation—They guarantee that they’ll pass the buck off to the manufacturer, who may or may not solve the problem to your satisfaction.

Company C

Actually returns to your home to solve the problem, and if you are not satisfied with your service, they offer you a refund to ensure you do not lose any money and if you’re not satisfied with the performance of your newly purchased system, they’ll replace it at no charge.


Translation—They provide a actual bona fide MONEY BACK Satisfaction Guarantee. Since Companies A, B, and C will all use the term “guarantee,” it’s important for you to protect yourself with this information.


Ask to have this put in writing: “Business owner will personally guarantee if homeowner is not satisfied, will actually refund 100% of monies within 60 days. This will ensure that you do not lose any money. I will explain more in our full e-book why this is so important, one word can save you over $5,000,00.


Tip: Only do business with a company that will  have guaranteed heating and air conditioning for their work unconditionally as above in your agreement! 



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