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Develop and Execute Fortune 500 Level Marketing and SEO for Branding and Sales for your company. HVAC Consultant- Hvac Leads, HVAC Leads Review, HVAC Lead Costs.

Tim has top search knowledge and seo tools to devote building and developing great business strategy and leadership for the internal team and external clients for greater profits. His latest task is helping property owners to protect themselves, learn, find and hire the best local Elite HVAC Contractors in their neighborhoods.

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Executive Summary

Manage and Execute Fortune 500 Level Marketing and SEO for Branding and Sales

Direct management teams for 16 years in senior management roles. The last decade experienced in leading each business digitally online. MBA training, traditional marketing, digital marketing, e-commerce, unmatched comprehension of SEO, and communications are attributed to these companies success.

Direct an International Company with 32% growth ($40,320,000) over previous 18 months with research and execution on an ecommerce marketing plan including SEO, Facebook, Twitter and other social media. Responsible for the hiring and management of a new dedicated Internet marketing staff.
Engineer and manage an NGO organization up to 56 million with Neurology-Marketing, due to the sensitive, emotional elements. After much research a created a phantom position and strategy was born for this group. Led company as an expert and authority with the creation of emotional messages delivered by management with digital medium mix of campaigns including seo, e-mail, posting of videos, PR, social media, and other services.
Manage an Increase in lead generation by 68% for a $42 million dollar service business by developing and launching comprehensive SEO campaign these targeted local markets with Google Places, Maps, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and others.
Conduct SEO for e-commerce CleanitSupply.com to constantly display ahead of Amazon.com for searched products related to cleaning and janitorial supplies.

Consulting At this time Timothy Geiger is not taking on any consulting engagements. With his many connections in business he would be happy to help match you up to an expert in the area that will help you the most.

 Timothy Geiger-HVAC Internet Marketing Google Local Business Strategies

Known and recognized specialty  is turning business owners and board members goals into reality. Growing up in the business world and running his own businesses for over 27 years before he implemented my exit strategy with a very profitable sales followed by helping other companies also achieve success. The true passions of his has made life changes to HVAC companies, medical professionals, athletes, e-commerce owners, lawyers, home services companies, and the entertainment industry.

His Strength is financial and marketing with business development built on 4 main pillars, people, products, processes and marketing.


There are 7 ways to beat your competition:

  • Low price
  • High quality
  • Superior service and convenience
  • Largest selection and options
  • Knowledge
  • Speed
  • Strongest Guarantee

There are 5 ways to kill your profits in no specific order:

  1. Many people select price to beat the competition and that is almost an instant business killer. Most successful businesses are the highest price in their market, providing high quality with service and convenience.
  2. Not knowing your true break even for direct cost and operations. You design your business to fail and you do not even realize it.
  3. Wrong selection of marketing and not targeting the right demographics.
  4. No business or financial planning and reporting
  5. No implementation


He loves helping owners reach their dreams!

More importantly, it is the same leadership and management style that is proven, will make a significant difference at your business, resulting in stronger financial growth and profits.



  • Highest Fundraiser, The Susan G. Komen for the Cure Northeastern Pa, 2011
  •  Outstanding Achievement in Business, 2011
  •  Salesperson of the Year, 2007
  •  US Patent: number 6434536. “Methods and Systems for E-Commerce”, 1998


HVAC Sales & Marketing


Dewalt/Maitz Allentown, PA 2010-2012
Sr. Vice President of Business & Brand Development
Team Results

  • Increased new customer base by over 37% per month
  • Reduced customer acquisition cost to acquire a customer from $432 traditionally to $64 average using search engine optimization
  • Increased Cross Sales: 38% on other company products and services to existing customer base.
  • Trained & Coached Sales: Sales trainee set new company records of $196,400 in HVAC SALES in just 3 weeks, largest ticket, and most sales per day, week, and month after one month of training and coaching.


Business Consultant

Business Powered, Collegeville, 2007-2010
Vice President of Branding & Marketing

  • Developed endocrinology health care private practice from one office with 8-12 client visits per day to two offices with 27-30 daily client visits by developing and launching marketing campaign to introduce and develop referring physician relationships.
  • Drove more than 32% business growth over previous year by building a dedicated internet marketing staff for an international parcel company.
  • Increased lead generation by 68% for client by developing and launching comprehensive SEO campaign that targeted local markets.
  • Enabled client to penetrate nonprofit and NGO segments by positioning client as expert industry authority through creation and posting of online Social Media, PR, Video and electronic Directory Services.
  • E-Commerce Developed internal e marketing team for a small janitorial supply company cleanitsupply.com. Hired and built three teams, one for organic, one for paid placement, and the other for online reputation. Implemented blue prints for ranking and daily processes for continued growth. This project was over a 12 month agreement in 2007-2008 with Business Powered. Following blue prints processes, and analytics with KPI’s the team continues to perform and today this company is a national leader in janitorial supplies.


HVAC Business Manager

Air & Heat Express, Collegeville, PA 1987-2007
Sales & Marketing Chief

  • Directed sales to consistently exceed business plan revenue growth goals.
  • Achieved 64% increase in lead generation and 45% increase in sales by revamping marketing plan to include SEO, compelling sales collateral, company website, and email marketing campaigns.
  • Developed business relationships with regional real estate firms, including area’s largest real estate agency, by developing, introducing, and facilitating realtor training programs for new home warranty products.
  • Reduced operating costs from 53% to 36%, with 15% decrease in direct costs and significant reduction in cost of goods sold by renegotiating vendor contracts, reengineering production processes, streamlining operations, and increasing production throughput.

HVAC Leads Grow Your Business

HVAC, Heating and Air Conditioning, Plumbing, Electrical, E- Commerce, Services, Legal, Software, Shipping, Medical, Consumer Goods, Retail, Professional

MBA, BA (Business Management), Columbia Pacific University 94,97;
Wharton Executive Development Program, Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania
E- Commerce Digital Marketing Certificate, Web CEO University


HVAC Executive

Available in Digital Media, Website Management, Online Strategist, Sales and E-commerce: Keywords and Tags Below.

Executive Resume: SEO Strategist Landing Page Optimization Digital Project Management SEM Consultant Organic Search Online Reputation Marketing Manager Resumes including SEM Digital Innovation Online Lead Generation SEM Specialist Behavioral Targeting Social Media Measurement Digital Trends EM/SEO Specialist Digital Engagement SEO Account Manager Digital Direct Marketing SEO Analyst Marketing Executive SEO Consultant Google HVAC Marketing and SEO Director.

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