Hi Paddy,


I will reply below.4-15-15


  1. Hello Tim,

    What I have understood is you want me to change the theme to listify as the first work. Right?

YES. This is the site we should get fully completed first

The site would have the following categories

  • HVAC Contractors
  • Heating Contractors
  • Air Conditioning Contractors
  • Air Conditioning Repair Services
  • Heating Repair Services


  1. I am little unclear about the staging website, can you please elaborate?


  1. Also, do you want us to work on all the other factors you mentioned in your email about the content etc. or was it just to give the overall view of the entire project?
  • I want all existing transferred and organized on Listify


  1. I understand you finally want to use WP Local plus to get those mentioned listings to work on the new theme
  •  I want the new towns to be added using WPLocal international for USA and Canada for all the areas listed  on city-data.com 
  • It is also important to have the ability to add a town simple not knowing code.


  1. The site will have 4 main areas:


  • Contractor sign up and inventory search and payment area
  • Woo Commerce and Woo Subscriptions
  • All city towns listed for inventory and prices for Elite Contractor, 5 – Honorable Mention contractors, Unlimited – General list contractors







  1. Built with High SEO techniques for first page search results in each town for both areas the town description and contractors listings.
  2. Site needs to be fully functional and able to search all towns inventory, sign up, make payments based on selections
  3. Ect…


Does this make sense?


I would also need time frame.



Timothy Geiger







I am going to change what I want from our first contact. Let’s take one step at a time and start with this small project.



We can do small first until we get this going and have relationship. I know you said $500. for the bigger one, what price for this project?

This way we get this done quickly. Then we can go to the bigger sites.


It is only a HVAC Contractors Directory.


I have the site that I built myself to prove my concept would work. What I want to do is change themes and design to a directory by Listify.

Now I would like to see what you would charge for this small one. I am no web guy.


My site is elitehvaccontractors.com:


1-      Here is a sample of local page:



2-      I would like to use Listify for the new theme directory.



3-      Staging area for new theme site to show you



Items I know I need:


·         I need to add Woo Commerce and Woo Subscriptions I was told.


·         Content would need to be cleaned up and used. There is plenty of good info and growing. I am building to rank on content then have service area where each town would be listed and ranked as well as the directory search and geo. On each town page I would like a Woo side bar for other towns in the same county listed. I basically am placing a town page in site and renting it to local contractors.

·         SEO

·         More Content

·         The client would need to be able to go in and search inventory of town to know if available and what positions remain open.

·         Then pay with auto monthly payments.

·         System fully functional


My target is USA and Canada:


·         I pull the towns out of city-data.com they would need to be uploaded into inventory with name, population, county. prices


Each town would have the following number of spaces to rent at a price to be determined:


·         Elite Contractor

·         5 – Honorable Mention contractors

·         Unlimited – General list contractors


I hope this gets you a clear understanding.


I look forward to your prompt reply. Shout me an email with any questions I will answer then lets connect on Skype once we both have a clear understanding of  each other.




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